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The Office of the Provincial Agriculturist has 3 existing crop facilities situated in Ubay, Balilihan and Tubigon all for the production of various planting materials, production of crops as well as service facility for agricultural machineries and equipment owned and managed by the office.

In Bohol Organic Agriculture Technology (BOATEch) Center, Gabi, Ubay, 10,110 pieces of fruit seedlings were produced while 150 pieces of ornamental plants were propagated. There were 329 kilograms of assorted fruits and vegetables and 14 kilograms of banana harvested, 360 kilograms of vermicast produced and around 2,004 pieces of seedlings released to client beneficiaries.

In Balilihan Plant Nursery, 15,251 pieces of fruit tree seedlings were produced, 175 pieces ornamentals propagated while 8,564 pieces out of these produced seedlings were actually released or distributed to client beneficiaries. On the other hand, 241 kilograms of corn, 374 kilograms of assorted fruits and vegetables and 150 kilograms of ginger were harvested. There were also 200 kilograms of vermicast produced.

In Macaas Nursery, Tubigon, 12,416 pieces of assorted fruit tree seedlings were produced, 419 pieces of ornamentals propagated and 6,886 pieces of these seedlings were released to client beneficiaries. The facility also harvested 33.2 kilograms corn, 844.17 kilograms of assorted fruits and vegetables, 168 kilograms ginger, and 117 kilograms of Ubi.

Under the Department of Agriculture Quick Response Fund in relation to the damages of Super typhoon Odette, Macaas and Balilihan Nursery received 9 units of Greenhouses to restore the previous greenhouses which was totally damaged by the said typhoon.

In summary, the 3 nurseries were able to produce 37,777 pieces of assorted fruit tree seedlings wherein 17,456 pieces were dispersed to beneficiaries with total valuation of 559,155 pesos. Total available seedling as of January 2023 is about 14,470 pieces ready for dispersal if beneficiaries request. For bamboo propagules, the 3 nurseries produced around 1,126 pieces of bamboo planting materials