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Press Release

MOA for the operation ofthe 60 – footer FRP Tuna Handline Fishing Boat awaits

The Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) and The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)
Central and Regional Offices are now working for the finalization of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with
the two Municipal Local Government Units (MLGUs) in Bohol for the formal operations of the two units of 60-
footer FRP Tuna Handline Fishing Boats from BFAR.

Bruna T. Abrinica, Provincial Fishery Officer in Bohol said that the details of the MOA have been keenly and
carefully studied to ensure that all the parties involved would be compliant to their roles and responsibilities in the

The MOA is executed and entered into by and among: BFAR, a line Bureau of the Department of Agriculture
represented by its National Director Atty. Demosthenes R. Escoto; BFAR – Fisheries Regional Office No, 7
represented by its Regional Director Mario N. Ruinata; PGBh represented by Governor Erico Aristotle C.
Aumentado; MLGU of Guindulman, Bohol represented by Mayor Albino M. Balo and Guindulman LGU Personnel
Multi-Purpose Cooperative referred to as beneficiary; MLGU of Panglao, Bohol represented by Mayor Edgardo F.
Arcay and the Panglao Fisherfolks Federation represented by Crispin Horcasitas as beneficiary.

The agreement seeks to provide support to fisherfolk members of Guindulman LGU Personnel Multi-Purpose
Cooperative and Panglao Fisherfolks Federation, through the provision, operation, and management of two units 62-
footer FRP Handline Fishing Boat including fishing gears and accessories; to capacitate fisherfolk members in the
operations and management of the fishing boats; to operate and manage the project in suitable and profitable
manner, contribute to fish production of about 40 metric tons annually and improve income of fisherfolks;

To develop the capacity of the two associations to engage/expand ventures in the value-chain to optimize benefit
from the Project and improve socio-economic conditions of its members and local community within three rears of
operation of the project; to serve as  platform for implementation of a “One BFAR Program” approach in providing
support to production, post-harvest, marketing and other allied services, and collaboration among relevant
government agencies, institutions, industry and other stakeholders; and, to serve as pilot project to document and
demonstrate as a “Proof of Concept” that the socio-economic conditions of small-scale and sustenance municipal
fisherfolks can be better improved when organized and provided with appropriate support/technologies(upgraded
fishing vessel and fishing gear) and capacity to manage the fishing project and engage in economic activities in the
supply chain.

In the event that the partner beneficiary cooperative/association fails to comply with the terms and conditions
stipulated in the agreement, BFAR may unilaterally revoke it and thereby oblige the concerned partner beneficiary
cooperative/association to return the fishing vessel/vessel facilities, equipment and fishing gear project package.

The use of the project other than its primary purpose, including changing the fishing vessel’s design, color,
markings, and identification, shall be ground for BFAR to rescind the agreement. Consequently, BFAR may
immediately demand from the partner beneficiary cooperative/association the return of the entire livelihood package

In the event that the awarded project is lost in part or entirely due to the partner beneficiary cooperative/
association negligence or fault, the lost item/s must be replaced with the same items of the same quality and
quantities. Such loss must also be reported to BFAR immediately.

On the other hand, damages and liabilities, whether intentional or accidental, caused by third party persons other
than the partner beneficiary cooperative/association, shall be borne exclusively by the authorized beneficiary.
According to Abrinica, the LGUs of Guindulman and Panglao are waiting for the 6 units each of Pump
boats (Pakura) to complete the whole project package worth P8M each as she said that BFAR Bohol is not certain on
when the Pakura arrive.

It may be recalled that last January 5, 2024 during the weekly Capitol Report held at the Ceremonial Hall,
4 th  Floor, New Capitol Building, Governor Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado said that he has a high hope that with that
commercial fishing boats to be managed and operated by the fisherfolks’ cooperatives.

The governor added that with Provincial Agriculturist Liza M. Quirog they planned that the provincial
government through the “Isda Program” will purchase this kind of fishing vessel that would greatly help in the quest
to increase fish catch, low prices of fish and increase livelihood among Boholano fisherfolks. By Atoy Cosap

Gov. Aumentado: more commercial fishing boats to cooperatives

Governor Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado has cited the need to have the additional commercial fishing boats to be
given to the fishermen’s cooperatives in the province of Bohol to increase fish production and lower the prices of

This developed when during the weekly Capitol Reports Program in the Provincial Government of Bohol last
Friday usually held at the Ceremonial Hall, 4 th  Floor, New Capitol Building, Gov. Aumentado bared that he wanted
that the two commercial fishing boats from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) who were turned
over to the fishermen’s cooperatives would be added by the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) of at least two

Aumentado said that commercial fishing boats with complete fishing gears would greatly help the Boholano
fishermen to produce more catch fish and with that more supply and lower the prices of fish in Bohol.

Provincial Agriculturist Quirog reported to the governor that of the 100 units of fiber glass pump boats provided
by the PGBh intended for the fisherfolks’ organizations in the coastal towns of Bohol mostly in the 2 nd  District who
were affected by typhoon “Odette”, 31 of these were already distributed, 40 are to be distributed and all the 100
units will be distributed before mid-year to the beneficiaries. Aumentado said that giving of fiber glass pump boats
to fisher folks’ associations cannot actually address the low supply and high prices of fish in the markets. The
commercial fishing boats with complete fishing gears to be managed by the cooperatives will most likely gradually
address the problems.

However, he justified that the provisions of fiber glass pump boats to fisher folks are better for them to alleviate
their livelihood. In fact, he said that together with Quirog of the OPA, they plan even though the provincial
government has limited resources that every year we will be giving pump boats to the fisherfolks until it would
spread throughout the coastal towns in Bohol especially in the town of Mabini.

Quirog disclosed that the 31 pump boats who were already distributed last November 14, 2023; 20 of these were
given to 20 organizations in Bien Unido namely; Bien Unido Fish Vendors Association (BUFVA) in Poblacion,
Nagkahiusang Gagmayng Mananagat sa Pinamgo (NAGAMAPI) in Pinamgo, Nagkahiusang Mananagat sa Puerto
San Pedro (NAMAPUSAPE) in Puerto San Pedro, Lugating Crabbers Association (LUCAS) in Lugating,
Nagkahiusang Gagmayng Mananagat ug Mag-uuma (NAGMMANE) in Nueva Esperanza, Bilang-bilangan East
Fishermen’s Association (BEFA) in Bilang-bilangan East,

Hingotanan East Farmers and Fisherfolk Association (HESFA) in Hingotanan East, Sagasa Small Fishermen’s
(SASFA) in Sagasa, Tuboran Small Fishermen’s Association (TUSFA)Tuboran, Mandawa Farmers and Fisherman’s
Association (MAFFA)Mandawa, Maomawan Fishermen’s Association (MAOFA) in Maomawan, Nueva Estrella
Farmers and Fishermen’s Association for Development (NEFFAD) in Nueva Estrella, Liberty Farmers Association
(LIFA) in Liberty, Centennial Force Foundation Incorporated in Centennial, Malingin Fishermen’s Association

Bilang-bilangan Daku West Association (BIDAWA) and Bilang-bilangan Daku Women’s Fishermen’s
Association in Bilang-bilangan Daku, Hingotanan West Association Seaweeds Farmers Association (HIWEFA) in
Hingotanan West, Sagasa Fishermen’s and Vendors Association (SFVA) in Sagasa, and Pinamgo Women’s
Association in Pinamgo, Bien Unido.

While the other 11 units of fiber glass pump boats were also turned over to the town of Ubay last November 14,
2023 wherein the recipients were:  Kahugpungan sa Gagmayng Mananagat Ug Mag-uuma sa Sinandigan
(KAGAMMASI) in Sinandigan, Tipolo Fisherfolks and Farmers Multisectoral Association in Tipolo, Union
Fisherfolkks and Seaweeds Association in Union, Cagting Small Farmers Fisherfolks Association in Cagting,Tapal
Farmers and Fisherfolks Association in Tapal, San Isidro Fisherfolk Association in San Isidro,

Biabas Farmers and Fishermen’s Association in Biabas, Cuya Farmers and Fisherfolks Association in Cuya,
Tubigon Farmers and Fisherfolk Association in Juagdan, and Humay-Humay Fisherfolks Association in Humay-
Humay, Ubay.

On the same development still during the Capitol Reports, Provincial Administrator Asteria Caberte said that
there is really the problems of low supply and high prices on fish in the province.

PA Caberte emphasized that this is the mean reason why the PGBh has embarking the “Isda Program”.
Caberte said that along with this program, the province will provide more cold storage facilities to store fish
catch during more fish supplies and to be sold during the lean season.

She also encouraged the Boholanos to eat inland fishes such as Bangus and Tilapia like in Luzon as most of the
Boholanos are dependents on marine fish. By Atoy Cosap

Gov. Aumentado lays capsules to benefit agri-fishery sectors

The Boholanos would expect that in the next coming months, the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh)
through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) would have more supplies of Tilapia and African Hito
Fingerlings to cater the needs among the upland aquaculture raisers for fresh water fish fingerlings and can provide
the necessary information about the nutrient presence and availability in the soil in a certain place in Bohol.

This developed after Governor Erico C. Aumentado led the groundbreaking and time capsule laying ceremony of
the PGBh-Bohol Island State University (PGBh-BISU) Multi-Species Fresh Fish Water Harchery and Nursery, and
Bohol Soil and Water Laboratory in BISU Bilar Campus, Barangay Zamora, Bilar, Bohol; Ceremonial Signings of
the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the PGBh-BISU for the Multi-Species Fresh Fish Water Hatchery
and Nursery ; MOA between PGBh-OPA , Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR)  and the Local
Government Unit (LGU) Valencia through Mayor Dionisio Neil Balite; MOA between PGBh-OPA, BFAR and LGU
Pilar through Mayor Wilson Pajo during the ceremonies last Tuesday held at the BISU Bilar Campus.

Gov. Aumentado also did the ceremonial turned over of the cheques to Mayor Pajo and Mayor Balite worth
P1.5M each for the establishments of Municipal Fresh Water Hatchery in the town of Pilar and Valencia respectively
as the two municipal executives delivered their acceptance speeches thanking the provincial government.

In his inspirational speech, Gov. Aumentado said that these projects are parts of the top priority programs in his
administration in support of the “Isda Program” aims to address the high price of fish in the province and to help the
Boholano farmers to increase agricultural production.

The governor emphasized that with our continued support we can address the problems and we can draw
measures to counter the challenges we are facing especially the impending El Nino Phenomenon.

Other dignitaries who also delivered their inspirational messages were: Dr. Anthony Penaso, BISU System
President; Director Marietta Macalolot, BISU Bilar Campus; Regional Technical Director Engr. Cirilo Namoc in
lieu of Department of Agriculture 7 Director Angel Enriquez; Executive Assistant s Nunila Pinat; Provincial Officer
Bruna Abrenica, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR); and Bilar Councilor Ricardo Cal who
represented Bilar Mayor Norman D. Palacio of which all of them were elated for the realization of the projects
which are really beneficial to the agricultural province like Bohol.

Fara T. Nazareno, Section Head-Soils and Water Laboratory Section, Agricultural Engineering Division, OPA
cited the importance of the Bohol Soil and Water Laboratory because it measures the nutrients that are left in the
field following harvest.

The laboratory tells which nutrients are lacking or in excess throughout the soil in the field. Helps to determine
the most favorable fertilizer plan to increase or maintain yields for the following year, Nazareno added. By Atoy

Boholano Ubi growers awarded and recognized

Once again, the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist
(OPA) has recognized and awarded the efforts of the Boholano Ubi Growers in helping Bohol for the development
of Ubi industry during the just concluded Ubi Festival 2023 last Monday to Wednesday held at the Bohol Cultural
Center, this city.

Capping the three-day festival the more than P300,000 total sales from among the 14 exhibitors coming from the
towns of Garcia-Hernandez, Corella, San Isidro, Carmen, Ubay, Valencia, Pilar, Sikatuna, Cortes, Talibon, Dimiao,
Alicia, Baclayon, and San Miguel as the town of Pilar won the Highest Volume/ Ubi Sales contest.

The Ubi Festival 2023 bringing the theme “Ubi, Hamiling Lagutmon Kaabag sa Mga Bol-anon niining Hagit sa
Panahon was highlighted with different contests with prizes at stake wherein the town of Valencia and Carmen got
tie in the numbers of winning in the first prizes of the 18 contests of which each of them has seven wins.

The winners of the following contests and its corresponding prizes were the following: Best Ubi Float Parade
won by the Local Government Unit (LGU) Valencia with cash prize of P10,000.00; Cortes (2nd – P8,000); Carmen
(3rd – P6,000); Best Product Display – Carmen (1st – P10,000), Valencia (2nd – P8,000), Garcia Hernandez (3rd-
P6,000); Highest Volume/Ubi Sales – Pilar (1st – P10,000), Carmen (2nd – P8,000), Ubay (3rd – P6,000), Most
Participative LGU – Carmen (1st – P10,000), Valencia (2nd – P8,000), Garcia Hernandez (3rd – P6,000);

Best New Ubi Processed Products – Valencia (1st – P5,000), San Miguel (2nd – P4,000), and Carmen (3rd –
P3,000); Best Re-Enactment – Ubi Cultural Practices (Song and Dance Interpretation) – Carmen (1st – P10,000),
Cortes (2nd – P8,000), and Valencia (3rd – P6,000); Ubi Jingle Contest – Valencia (1st – P6,000), Garcia-Hernandez
(2nd – P5,000), and Carmen (3rd – P4,000); Best Farmers Rondalla – Garcia Hernandez (1st – P10,000), San Isidro
(2nd – P8,000), and Carmen (3rd – P6,000); Best Ubi Christmas Singing Contest – Carmen (1st – P6,000), Garcia-
Hernandez (2nd – P5,000), Sikatuna (3rd – P4,000); Best Ubi Vlog Video Contest – Ubay (1st – P5,000), Garcia-
Hernandez (2nd – P4,000), and Cortes (3rd – P3,000).

For the Pinaka (the biggest) on Different Ubi Varieties: Allan Madroniro from Dimiao won the four varieties:
Kabus-ok, Tam-isan, Iniling and Binanag with the prize of P5,000 for each of the variety; Binugas Variety won by
Eulogio Galer of Valencia (P5,000); Baligonhon variety (Alex Prieto – P5,000); and Kinampay – Reynel
Campoamor (Carmen – P5,000).

The most coveted contest that highlighted in the first day of the festival was the Ubi Festival Queen 2023
wherein Miss Mary Ingrid P. Orevillo from the town of Valencia crowned as Miss Ubi Festival Queen 2023 who
received the prize in the amount of P15,000. Orevillo also adjudged as Best in Production Number and Best in
Interview with the prize at P2,000 each of the minor award.

Executive assistant for agriculture Nunila Pinat for and in behalf of Governor Erico Aristotle Aumentado cited
the importance of Ubi industry in the province which is an alternative for rice and corn.

Pinat said that Bohol is known internationally because of Ubi Kinampay. In fact, she said that the Korean
International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is ready to help our Ubi industry in Bohol.

In the meantime, Board Member Nathaniel Binlod in the Third District, Atty. Abeleon R. Damalerio in behalf of
First District Congressman Edgar M. Chatto, Edgar del Rosario who represented Second District Congresswoman
Maria Vanessa C. Aumentado; Katherine Ente in the place of Third District Congresswoman Kristine Alexie Tutor,
Roman Dabalos in behalf of Director Angel Enriquez – DA7, Dr. Gracia Arado- ATI7, and Dr. Carolyn May O.
Daquio of Purple Women delivered their messages of support.

City Mayor Jane Censoria Cajes Yap in her welcome message vowed to help in marketing the Ubi Produts.

City Mayor Yap said the City Government of Tagbilaran has been always a partner in the PGBh in all its
endeavors especially towards agriculture.

Provincial Agriculturist Liza M. Quirog thanked and lauded the Bohol Ubi Growers Association (BUGA)
headed by Barangay Captain Esmeraldo Ondoy Malig-sa for their unwavering support to the provincial government.
(Atoy Cosap)

UBI FESTIVAL 2023. The Provincial Government of Bohol through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist just
conducted sa Ubi Festival 2023 partipated by 14 LGU exhibitors with reigning Miss Ubi Festival Queen 2023 Mary
Ingred P. Orevillo from the Town of Valencia, Bohol.

3-day Ubi Fest starts tomorrow

The three-day second Ubi Festival this year will formally start tomorrow with a colorful Float Parade Contest
with Miss Ubi Muses at 1pm passing through from Capitol Grounds – New Capitol Site – Hangos Street. – J.A.
Clarin St. – City Hall Ground – Old Capitol Building – CPG North Avenue down to the Bohol Cultural Center
which is the venue of all the activities.

The Ubi Festival is an annual activity of the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) through the Office of the
Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) showcasing the famous Ubi Kinampay and other varieties of Ubi to be participated
by known Ubi municipalities in Bohol.

Bringing the theme “Ubi, Hamili’ng Lagutmon Kaabag sa mga Bol-anon Niining Hagit sa Panahon”, the festival
has participated by 16 towns to wit: Baclayon, Corella, Cortes, Sikatuna, Tagbilaran City and Panglao in the First
District; San Isidro, Talibon, San Miguel and Ubay in the Second District; and Alicia, Carmen, Dimiao, Garcia-
Hernandez, Pilar and Valencia in the third District.

In the opening program, Governor Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado will deliver his inspirational message as Vice-
Governor Dionisio Victor A. Balite, First District Representative (Rep.) Edgar M. Chatto, Second Dist. Rep. Maria
Vanessa C. Aumentado, Third Dist. Rep. Kristine Alexie B. Tutor, Executive Regional Director Angel C. Enriquez-
Department of Agriculture (DA)-7, Dr. Gracia Punay – Center Director, Agricultural Training Institute (ATI)-7 and
Dr. Carolyn Mae O. Daquio from Bohol Ubi Center Foundation Inc. (BUCFI) will give their messages of support;
while City Mayor Jane Censoria C. Yap will deliver her Welcome Message after Provincial Agriculturist Liza M.
Quirog could acknowledge the guests and participants and could give the rationale of the activity.

Aside from Miss Ubi Festival Queen 2023 search, Pinaka, and Best Product Display Contests to be performed
tomorrow, the other contests which will be conducted on Tuesday are the following: Most Participative Local
Government Unit (LGU), Ubi Jingle, Ubi Vlog, Best Christmas Singing, Rondalla, Best Reenactment of Ubi
Cultural Practices, Ubi Highest Salas, and Best New Ubi Processed Product as the Ubi Cook-off to be facilitated by
the Bohol Provincial Tourism Office also conducted on Tuesday at the Bohol Showcase Center inside the CPG Park.

The festival also highlighted with the Agri-Fishery Stakeholders Panagtapok on Tuesday evening still at the
Bohol Cultural Center wherein the MAs/MAOs, agri-fishery sectors, agri-line agencies and OPA   will rub their
elbows as partners in agricultural developments of the province of Bohol.       

During the Ubi Festival preparatory meeting last November 10, 2023 at Reyna’s the Haven and Garcen, New
Calceta St., Cogon, Tagbilaran City facilitated by the OPA and attended by the Municipal Agriculturists/Municipal
Agricultural Officers (Mas/MAOs), representatives from the different agri-line agencies, Officers of the Bohol Ubi
Growers Association (BUGA), it was agreed that the uniformed prices of Ubi to be displayed and sold at the venue
of the festival are the following: Kinampay at P80 per kilo, Baligonhon (P60/kilo) and P50/kilo to all other varieties.

The conduct of the Ubi Festival aims to create market linkages between the traders and the Ubi growers and to
discover other best Ubi processed products in Bohol. By Atoy Cosap

SUHID 2023 winners awarded and recognized

recently awarded and recognized the winners of the Suhid sa Malampusong Mag-uumang Bol-anon 2023 for the 24
categories of the tilt during the awarding ceremony last Tuesday held at the Ceremonial Hall, 4 th Floor, New Capitol
Building, Cogon, Tagbilaran City.

Provincial Administrator Asteria Caberte for and in behalf of Governor Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado led the
provincial government officials to give the awards to the winners who received cash prizes and farm equipment.
The SUHID 2023 winners who received such prizes were the following: Joselito C. Baculi

Provincial Administrator Caberte during the awarding ceremony congratulated and underscored the efforts of the
agri-fishery sectors as she emphasized that they were deserved to be awarded and recognized because of their
enthusiasm of helping the provincial government to achieve its mandate for food sufficiency and security in Bohol.
Caberte encouraged the Boholano farmers to engage mass production of the agricultural products so as to lower
down the prices of the commodities in the markets.

She cited the importance of agriculture as the backbone in our economy of which even in America they
considered agriculture as one of the economic drivers in their government.

Board Member Lucille Lagunay and BM Nathaniel Binlod in their messages had said that the Sangguniang
Panlalawigan of Bohol has been passed ordinances and resolutions as interventions for agri-fishery sectors to answer
food sustainability amidst climate change.

Binlod said that it would be fined if each SUHID category would have first, second and third place winners and
not the usual way of practice that only one winner in every category to encourage more the agri-fishery sector to
participate in the search.

Municipal Agriculturist Arlene Cabusao who adjudged as Outstanding Municipal Agriculturist; Talibon Vice-
Mayor Dave A. Evangelista who also an awardee as Outstanding Bangus Culture (Pond), and Luna Therese Infanso,
President – Danahaw 4H Club whose club adjudged as Outstanding Young Farmer Organization thanked the
provincial government and OPA to come up with the search.

On her part, Cabusao asked the provincial government and the Municipal Local Government Units (MLGUs) to
allocate huge funds for agriculture so as to give more interventions and supports to the agri-fishery sectors.
Executive Assistant to the Governor Leonila M. Pinat urged the mayors to give agriculture a priority in their

Pinat emphasized that there have been some local chief executives that agriculture is given less priority in their
respective governance.

Provincial Agriculturist Liza M. Quirog thanked the Department of Agriculture through Provincial Agricultureal
Technology Coordinating Office (PATCO), Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) 7, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic
Resources (BFAR) for the collaboration they had given leading to the successful conduct of the Suhid sa
Malampusong Mag-uumang Bol-anon 2023. By Atoy Cosap

SUHID 2023 WINNERS AWARDING. Provincial Administrator Asteria Caberte for and in behalf of Governor
Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado leads in the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) in recognizing, awarding,
congratulating and thanking the winners Of the Suhid sa Malampusong Mag-uumang Bol-anon 2023 during the
awarding ceremony last Tuesday held at the Ceremonial Hall, 4th Floor. New Capitol, Cogon, this city as she
underscored the importance of the agri-fishery sector in the province of Bohol being an agricultural province.

Awarding of SUHID 2023 winners set on Tues.

The Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) will
award and recognize the winners of the Suhid sa Malampusong Mag-uumang Bol-anon 2023 on Tuesday, November
28, 2023, 1:00 P.M. at the Ceremonial Hall, 4th Floor, New Capitol Building, Cogon, Tagbilaran City.

Gov. Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado will lead in the giving of awards to all the winners of the 24 categories with
their assisting technicians to be assisted by Vice-Governor Dionisio Victor A. Balite, Provincial Agriculturist Liza
M. Quirog, Board Member (BM) Lucille Y. Lagunay, BM Nathaniel O. Binlod, and all Sangguniang Panlalawigan

The winners of this year’s tilt with their corresponding prizes are the following: Joselito C. Baculi from San
Pacual, Ubay won as Outstanding Farmer on Integrated Rice Based-Farming System who will receive P6, 000 +
Power Tiller (mudboat); Jane B. Noculan (Carmen, Bohol) – Outstanding Rice Technician (P6, 000 + Power
Sprayer); Carmelita I. Cadorniga (Imelda, Ubay, Bohol) – Outstanding Hybrid Corn Farmer Conventional Hybrid
Variety (P6, 000 + Corn Sheller); Elvira B. Micutuan (La Union, Sierra-Bullones, Bohol) – Outstanding OPV Corn
Farmer (P6, 000 + Corn Sheller);

Vidal L. Jumawid (Pob. Sur, Carmen, Bohol) – Outstanding Cassava Farmer (P6, 000 + Garden Cultivator);
Pablito B. Quinal (Tabok, Danao, Bohol) – Outstanding Integrated High-Value Crops Farmer (P6, 000 + Garden
Cultivator); Crispina A. Caballero (Ubay, Bohol) – Outstanding Corn Technician (P6, 000 + Power Sprayer);
Romulo Campoamor (Villafuerte, Carmen, Bohol) – Outstanding Ubi Grower (P6, 000 + Garden Cultivator); Jose
C. Andoy (Mandaug, Calape, Bohol) – Outstanding Banana Grower (P6, 000 + Power Sprayer); Ernesto I.
Macabenta (Tinibgan, Maribojoc, Bohol) – Outstanding Cacao Grower (P6, 000 + Mechanical Pruner);

Mary Ann T. Dela Torre (Carmen, Bohol) – Outstanding HVCDP Technician (P6, 000 =Power Sprayer); Jomar
M. Balag (Cambacay, Batuan, Bohol) – Outstanding Organic Agriculture Individual Practitioner (P10, 000 + Garden
Cultivator); LASOVEGA (La Suerte Organic Vegetable Growers Association in La Suerte, Pilar, Bohol) –
Outstanding Organic Practitioner Association (P17, 000 + Garden Cultivator); Guillermo M. Lucip (San Miguel,
Bohol) – Outstanding Organic Technician (P6, 000 + Power Sprayer); Catalino E. Sumatra, Jr. (Carmen, Bohol) –
Outstanding Tilapia Culture Commercial Pond (P6, 000 + Water Pump);

Jaime C. Aranay (Guindulman, Bohol) – Outstanding Tilapia Culture Backyard Pond ( P6, 000 + Water Pump);
Benjamin Sarabosing, Jr. (Juagdan, Ubay, Bohol) – Outstanding Bangus Cage Culture (P 6, 000 + Fiber Glass Boat);
Dave A. Evangelista (Sto. Nino, Talibon, Bohol) – Outstanding Bangus Pond Culture (P6, 000 + Water Pump);
KAGAMMASI (Kahugpungan sa Gagmay’ng Mananagat ug Mag-uuma sa Sinandigan – Sinandigan, Ubay) through
its Chairman Jose Q. Cuyno – Outstanding Fihsermen’s Association (P17, 000 + Fabricated Pump Boat);

Windyll E. Mejias (Ubay, Bohol) – Outstanding Fishery Technician (P6, 000 + Power Sprayer); Ubay Malingin
Irrigators Association through its Chairman Manolito C. Basilad (Malingin, Ubay, Bohol); Rubilyn S. Bajinting
(Guadalupe, Carmen, Bohol) – Outstanding Rural Woman (P6, 000 + Garden Cultivator); Danahaw Integrated
School (Secondary) 4H Club through its Coordinator Baltazara T. Monton (Clarin, Bohol) – Outstanding Young
Farmer Organization (P20, 000 + Garden Cultivator); Arlene D. Cabusao (Carmen, Bohol) – Outstanding Municipal
Agriculturist (P6, 000 + Power Sprayer).

The towns of Carmen and Ubay have gotten the same numbers of winners in this year’s search of which of the
24 categories each of the town has seven winners.

The Suhid sa Malampusong Mag-uumang Bol-anon is an annual search in the provincial government aimed at
recognizing and awarding the efforts of the agri-fishery sector who have been helping the provincial government in
ensuring food security and sufficiency in the province of Bohol. (Atoy Cosap)

14 towns to join the Ubi Fest 2023 next month

The famous Ubi Festival in the Province of Bohol showcasing the different varieties of Ubi, especially the Ubi
Kinampay has drawn interest from the known Ubi growing municipalities to participate in this year’s festivity.
There are about 14 towns in this agricultural province that manifested their intention to join the three-day Ubi
Festival slated on December 4-6, 2023 at the Bohol Cultural Center Ground, in this city.

The 14 towns are the following: Carmen, Pilar, Ubay, Cortes, Corella, Baclayon, Tagbilaran City, Antequera,
Garcia Hernandez, Valencia, Dimiao, San Miguel and San Isidro.

Bringing the theme “Ubi, Hamiling Lagutmon Kaabag sa mga Bol-anon Niining Hagit sa Panahon“, the
celebration underscored the importance of Ubi in this time of climate change as an alternative crop of rice in line
with the mandate of the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist
(OPA) of ensuring food sufficiency and security, and increase income among Boholano farmers.

The celebration is highlighted with the Miss Ubi 2023 and other contests with prizes at stake namely: Best Ubi
Float Parade, Best Product Display, Highest Volume/Sales of Ubi, Most Participative LGU, Pinaka (biggest) on
Different Ubi Varieties (Kinampay, Baligonhon, Kabus-ok, Tam-isan, Binugas, Gimnay, Iniling, and Binanag), Best
New Ubi Processed Products, Best Re-Enactment Ubi Cultural Practices, Ubi Jingle Contest, Best Farmers
Rondalla, Best Christmas Singing Contest, and Best Ubi Vlog/Video Contest.

The festival shall be started with a colorful Ubi Float Parade Contest from the Capitol Grounds – New Capitol
Site Road – Hangos St. – J. A. Clarin – City Hall – Old Capitol Building – CPG Avenue – down to the Bohol
Cultural Center which is the venue of the activity.

In the opening program, Governor Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado will deliver his inspirational message as
Vice–Governor Dionisio Victor A. Balite, Representative Edgar M. Chatto (1 st  District), Rep. Maria Vanessa C.
Aumentado (2 nd  Dist.), Rep. Kristine Alexie B. Tutor (3 rd  Dist.), Director Angel C. Enriquez, CESO lll (Regional
Executive Director, Department of Agriculture – 7), Dr. Gracia F. Arado (Agricultural Training Institute – 7), and
Dr. Carolyn May O. Daquio (Bohol Ubi Center Foundation, Inc.) will give their messages of support; while City
Mayor Jane Censoria Cajes Yap will give the welcome message and Provincial AQgriculturist Liza M. Quirog will
state the rationale and acknowledge the guests and participants.

The judging of the Miss Ubi Festival shall commence at the start of the Ubi Float Parade wherein there are three
judging stations to be put up at the route of the parade down to the Bohol Cultural Center.

At the center, the muses will make a dramatic entrance going up to the stage and introducing themselves and
saying something about their advocacy towards the Ubi industry in Bohol. The coronation will be conducted right
after Gov. Aumentado could deliver his inspirational message.

Other Ubi Festival contests will be done on the second day (Dec. 5, 2023) which will be started at 8:30 in the

The 3-day fest will wind up on December 6, 2023, as the Closing and Awarding ceremony will start at 1:30 p.m.
and as such Gov. Aumentado will lead the provincial officials in giving the awards of the winners.

The PGBh through the OPA has conducted the Ubi Festival this year twice as the first one was last January as the
usual conduct of the festival based on the approved Sangguniang Panlalawigan Resolution. But the holding of such
an annual activity of the provincial government has changed through an ordinance passed last June declaring that the
Ubi Festival shall be conducted on the second week of December every year. However, considering that the
Municipal Local Government Units (MLGUs) would be very busy in attending Christmas parties and other
occasions during the Yuletide Season on the 2 nd  week of December, it was decided that the festival shall be
conducted on the first week. By Atoy Cosap

KBoOM conducts second “OrganicAgriculture Festival”

The Kapunungan sa Bol-anong Organikong Mag-uuma (KaBoOM) will conduct its 2 nd  “Organic Agriculture
(OA) Festival starting tomorrow up to Wednesday (November 13-15, 2023) at the Bohol Showcase Center within
the CPG Park, Cogon District, Tagbilaran City.

The 3-day celebration is in line with Proclamation No. 1030, which was issued on May 21, 2015, declaring the
month of November every year as “Organic Agriculture Month”, with a primary focus on promoting organic
agriculture as a robust tool for economic development, environmental preservation, and the safeguarding of the
interests of our farmers, consumers, and the general public.

According to KaBoOM President Marilou M. Escalona, the theme for this year’s celebration is “Panginabuhing
Organiko, Kaugmaon Segurado”.

Escalona said the celebration promises to be a three-day extravaganza, brimming with a wide array of engaging
activities. These activities include the display of organically grown products, technology demonstrations related to
organic agriculture, and interactive engagements aimed at educating and involving the public in the world of organic

Tomorrow in the opening program which will be started right after the Thanksgiving Mass at 1 pm, Governor
Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado will deliver his inspirational message; while Rep. Edgar M. Chatto (1 st  District), Rep.
Maria Vanessa Aumentado (2 nd  Dist.), Kristine Alexie Tutor (3 rd  Dist.), City Mayor Jane Yap, 1 st  Dist. Board Member
Lucille Lagunay, Director Angel C. Enriquez – Department of Agriculture – 7, Dr. Gracia F. Arado – Agricultural
Training Institute (ATI) – 7, and Escalona will give their messages of support.

Vice-Governor Dionisio Victor A. Balite will give the welcome message immediately after Provincial
Agriculturist Liza M. Quirog acknowledges the guests and participants.

After Gov. Aumentado delivers his inspirational message, he will lead the ribbon cutting and the opening of

On the second day, there will be a Regional Organic Agri Quiz Bee at Capitol Lobby to be facilitated by the ATI
from 9 am to 3 pm. The Organic Technology Seminar will be held at the CPG hall (2 nd  Floor, New Capitol Building).
Still on this day that Vermi Production Training, Organic Soil Amendments, and Stingless Bees Productions lecture
will be conducted in the morning as the Urban Gardening, Organic Cacao Productions, and Organic Feed
Formulation Trainings will be done in the afternoon; while the Organic Tilapia Raising and the Coconut Production
lectures will be conducted in the morning on the 3 rd  day (Wednesday-Nov. 15, 2023) as the closing program will be
set in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, the Second District Municipalities will also celebrate its 2-day Organic Agriculture Month on
November 29-30, 2023 to be held at the CPG Sports Complex, Poblacion, Talibon, Bohol.

The organically grown products from the 14 towns in the 2 nd  district will be displayed and sold at the complex.
At first, it was suggested by the OA Technical Working Group that the activities in Talibon would be participated
by the organic practitioners coming from the 19 towns in the 3 rd  District. However it was not carried out due to
financial constraints.

In the Central Visayas Provinces, Bohol was the first province who conduct the Organic Agriculture Festival that
was last year on November 16, 17, and 18, 2023 at the Bohol Cultural Center, Cogon, Tagbilaran City. By Atoy

PGBh joins National Awareness Month

The Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) will join
the entire nation in the celebration of National Rice Awareness Month (NRAM) next month.

Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on January 5, 2004 issued a Proclamation No. 524, s. 2004
Providing for the Celebration of the International Year of Rice in 2004 and Declaring the Month of November as
National Rice Awareness Month.

Arroyo proclaimed the month of November of every year as National Rice Awareness Month, coinciding with
the anniversary of the Philippine Rice Research Institute, created under Executive Order 1061 dated November 5,
1985, as amended.

Beaming the theme “Buy local. Eat local. Support Filipino rice farmers.” Imparts the importance and advantage
of eating safe and nutritious rice to consumers, instilling the value of patriotism in supporting the local rice farmers.
The National Rice Awareness Month celebration generally aims to promote the consumption of locally produced
rice. Specifically, it aims to encourage consumers to patronize local rice and support local rice farmers; motivate
farmers to continue producing quality rice for consumers; promote awareness of the value of locally produced rice;
and engage public influences and opinion leaders with activities in promoting the consumption of local rice and
responsible consumption.

In Bohol, Lorebien Lagapa, Provincial Rice Seeds Coordinator/Rice Section Head, Crops and Productivity
Division-OPA said that the provincial government has outlined some activities for the coming next month in
observance of the NRAM of which the launching will be on November 6, 2023 at the Bohol Quality Atrium at 8:00
o’clock in the morning.

In the opening program, Governor Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado will deliver his inspirational message; while
other local officials will give their messages as Provincial Agriculturist Liza M. Quirog and the rice technical person
from the Department of Agriculture (DA) 7 will speak about the importance of rice as our number one staple and
means of livelihood among Boholano farmers; then to be followed by the open forum.

The launching will also be highlighted with the on-the-spot photo-making contest which will be participated by
students and other participants; and the significant signing of the pledge of commitment by all participants of the

Other activities being outlined in the celebration include the mass feeding among elementary school pupils in the
island barangays: Ubay on November 15, 2023, Talibon (November 16, 2023), and Buenavista (Nov. 17, @023).
Responsible Funrun has been scheduled on November 25, 2023, of which the registration will be done at 3:00-4:00
a.m. at the Bohol Wisdom School for the three categories of the run: aged from 8 years old below, 19-50 yrs. old and
51 yrs. old up. The fun run will start at 4:30 in the morning from Bohol Wisdom School going to Plaza Rizal.

On November 28, there will be a Farmers’ Big Day in the town of Trinidad; while the whole month rice trivia to
be facilitated by Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) will be conducted starting November 1, 2023, to be aired over
Station DYRD during DYRD Patrol Balita at every 6:30 in the morning Monday to Thursday wherein each of the
two winners per day will receive P100 worth of prize and shall be given through gcash.  By Atoy Cosap