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Press Release

SUHID 2023 at stakes with big prizes

Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) is expecting
that more entries from the Municipal Local Government Units (MLGUs) in Bohol will vie for the different
categories of the Suhid sa Malampusong Mag-uumang Bol-anon 2023.

This as this year’s tilt that the winners would receive not only money as prizes but also farm machineries which
are useful to their respective field of works.

The SUHID ’23 categories and its corresponding prizes are as follows: Outstanding Farmer on Integrated Rice
Based-Farming System with the prizes of P6, 000 and one unit of power tiller, Outstanding Hybrid Corn Farmer (P6,
000 + corn sheller), Outstanding OPV Corn Farmer (P6, 000 + corn sheller), Outstanding Integrated High Value
Crops Farmer (P6, 000 + garden cultivator), Outstanding cacao grower (P6, 000 + mechanical pruner), Outstanding
Cassava Farmer (P6, 000 + garden cultivator),

Outstanding Banana Grower (P6, 000 + power sprayer), Outstanding Organic Agriculture Individual Practitioner
(P10, 000 + garden cultivator), Outstanding Organic Practitioner Association (P17, 000 + garden cultivator),
Outstanding Tilapia Culture Commercial Pond (P6, 000 + water pump), Outstanding Tilapia Culture Backyard Pond
(P6, 000 + water pond), Outstanding Bangus Culture Cage (P6, 000 + fiber glass boat), Outstanding Bangus Culture
Pond (P6, 000 + water pond), Outstanding Fishermen’s Association (P17, 000 + fabricated pumpboat),

Outstanding MunicipaL Agriculturist (P6, 000 + power sprayer), Outstanding Farmers Association Program
Based (P17, 000 + garden cultivator and power tiller), Outstanding Rural Woman (P6, 000 + garden cultivator),
Outstanding 4H-Club (P20, 000 + garden cultivator), Outstanding Organic Technician (P6, 000 + power sprayer),
Outstanding Rice Technician (P6, 000 + (P6, 000 + power sprayer), Outstanding Corn Technician (P6, 000 + power
sprayer), and Outstanding Fishery Technician (P6, 000 + power sprayer).

This would be the first ever and it would happen in the administration of Gov. Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado that
the SUHID winners could receive farm machineries aside from the usual monetary prizes.
Provincial Agriculturist Liza M. Quirog said that the SUHID tilt is an annual activity of the PGBh through the
OPA institutionalized and launched years ago that aims to recognize the great contribution of the agri-fishery sector
to the province.

Quirog added that through this search, agriculture practitioners are encouraged to produce more knowing that the
government recognizes their efforts and hard works as a vital contribution to the province’ food security and
economic stability. By Atoy Cosap

OPA  employees focus on targets

Provincial Agriculturist Liza M. Quirog had directed all the regular and job order worker employees of the
Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) to stay focused on their respective targets in order to achieve the
office’s mandates: to ensure food sufficiency and security in the province, and to increase agricultural productivity
and income among Boholano farmers.

During the OPA general assembly held last Monday at the OPA Office, 3 rd  Floor, New Capitol Building, this city
that was attended by 166 regular and job order workers and six workers under a contract of services, Quirog said
that Governor Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado has a high expectation to the office to maintain and sustain the title of
the province is the “Food Basket in Central Visayas”.

Having that title, Bohol is considered as a major food producer in Central Visayas, thus it is our responsibility to
work hard and enhance our skills in agriculture so as to produce more, Quirog emphasized.

She urged them to keep on learning, studying, reading and attending training to acquire more knowledge and
skills in agriculture and share it with the municipal agricultural technicians and to the Boholano farmers.
To work in the provincial agriculture office is very challenging because we are responsible to feed the 1.4M
Boholanos and a number of tourists who have come to the province.

Quirog thanks Gov. Aumentado for putting more manpower into the OPA to carry on the task of ensuring the
foods are available on the table.

Executive Assistants for Agriculture Engr. Ricardo Oblena and Alfeo Piloton also underscored the importance of
evaluating the accomplishments and focusing on the targets.

Engr. Oblena said that the office should make a spot monitoring regarding the distribution of vegetable seeds to
check if whether the beneficiaries really plant or not the seeds from the provincial government.

Meanwhile, Former Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) Director Piloton said that the OPA
should make a value chain analysis of all commodities.

Piloton said that momentarily, he will talk to Gov. Aumentado regarding the government projects in other
provinces that can also be replicated or implemented in Bohol.

The agriculture office of the province has always conducted a general assembly every last Monday of the month
wherein the chief or any representative from each of the five divisions will render their respective monthly
accomplishment reports to measure on how they achieve their target or goals. By Atoy Cosap

Two Ubi Festivals this year

The Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) will
conduct two Ubi Festivals this year.

This developed after the Sangguniang Panlalawigan (SP) of Bohol passed an ordinance sponsored by 3 rd District
Board Member Nathaniel Binlod who is the member of the SP Committee on Agriculture declaring that the Ubi
Festival be conducted on every second week of December of the year.

This could be the first ever that in a year there would be two festivals to be conducted as the first one was done
last January 26-30, 2023 at the Old Tagbilaran City Airport, this city.

The passage of the ordinance superseding the SP resolution mandating that the Ubi Fest be conducted on every
3 rd week of January of the year is an offshoot of the assessment that was conducted after the festival of which BM
Binlod had attended and personally heard the suggestions among the Municipal Agriculturists (MAs)/Municipal
Agricultural Officers (MAOs) and Ubi growers that the festival is ideally be done on every December or earlier than
January because that would be the harvesting time.

They added that we could not expect volume of Ubi products to be displayed on January Festival considering
that during the yuletide season Ubi product is highly demanded in the market.

During the Sandugo Agri-Fair preparatory meeting last Thursday held at the Panda Tea Suite and Garden, Dao,
Tagbilaran City, Provincial Agriculturist Liza M. Quirog informed the MAs/MAOs, and the representatives from
agri-line agencies that we will be adopting the real essence of a festival this coming December that there would be
Ubi Street Dancing, Miss Ubi among others which still to be crafted by the Technical Working Group (TWG) from

Quirog said that they will ask additional fund in the amount of P1M aside from the allocation of P2M as
stipulated in the ordinance to entice more Municipal Local Government Units (MLGUs) to participate.
The usual allocation as mandated in the resolution is only more than P700, 000 in the whole duration of the fest.
The provincial agriculturist said that the formal letter will be sent to the MLGUs the soonest possible time
informing them about the development so as to prepare necessary supplemental budget purposely needed on that

Ubi Festival is an annual affair of the PGBh through the OPA as the way of giving gratitude, honor and awards
among Boholano farmers who are responsible for the development of Ubi industry in Bohol. By Atoy Cosap

Bohol to conduct cloudseeding next month

The Provincial Government of Bohol through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) in coordination
with the Department of Agriculture (DA) is determined to conduct the cloud seeding operations in the latter part of
next month to save the standing crops from El Nino on that time.

This developed even after the two days of ocular assessment conducted by the Technical Working Group (TWG)
on El Nino last May 30-31, 2023 of the four dams in the province of Bohol: Bayongan Dam in San Miguel, Malinao
Dam (Pilar), Capayas Dam (Ubay), and Zamora Dam (Talibon), it was found out that the irrigation water is still
enough to be used in this wet cropping season.

However, they explained that the present condition of the water supply of the four dams could not sustain the
water requirements until the vegetative and flowering stages of planted crops especially rice this season, thus cloud
seeding operations are needed.

During the meeting of the TWG on El Nino which consists the representatives from the PGBh, Bureau of Soil
and Water Management (BSWM), DA, and National Irrigation Administration (NIA) last Thursday at the OPA
Conference Room, New Capitol Building, they agreed to utilize first the standby fund amounted to P2.5M from the
Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PRRMO) for the one round of cloud seeding operation
to be conducted on the last week of July; while waiting on the result of the formal request from the provincial
government to BSWM to allocate funds in the amount of P7.5M so as to conduct three rounds of cloud seeding
operations in addition to the funds from PGBh.

Gov. Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado wrote a letter addressed to Director Gina P. Nilo, BSWM, last May 16, 2023,
formally requesting to set aside funds for the conduct of making artificial rain to save the agricultural products to
include livestock in Bohol.

Gov. Aumentado during the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council full meeting of which he is
the chairman last May 16, 2023, at the Ceremonial Hall, 4 th  Floor, New Capitol Building received three resolutions
from the Malinao Dam Federation of Irrigators Association (MADFIA), Bayongan and Capayas Farmers/Irrigators
Association (BAY_CAPA), Inc. and Talibon Small Reservoir Irrigators System (SRIS) Irrigators Association, Inc.
with the same tenor which is to request the governor of Bohol to allocate funds for cloud seeding for the wet
cropping season.

Corazon Ditarro from BSWM said that according to Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical
Service Administration (PAG-ASA) 22/24 models suggest potentials for El Nino by May-July 2023. Both the
dynamical and statistical models indicate El Nino by May-July 2023, with the warming stronger in the dynamical
models. In the model output and expert judgment for the ENSO El Nino probability forecast, there is an 82% for the
May-June-July 2023 season up to 93% December 2023-January 2024-February 2024 seasons.
Bohol has a total of 57, 007.05 hectares (has.) of rice land areas of which 25, 885 has. are irrigated and 31,
122.05 are rainfed wherein of the total rice areas the municipality of Ubay has the biggest areas among towns of
Bohol with 8, 314 has. (4,149 has. – irrigated and 4, 165 has. – rainfed).

The TWG El Nino justified that the cloud seeding operations do not only intended for rice, corn but for all
commodities to include human lives and livestock.  By Atoy Cosap

PDRRMC recommends to declare Bohol under the state of calamity

Due to the looming El Nino forecasted by the Philippine Atmospheric Geo-Physical Services Administration
(PAG-ASA) to hit the country from July this year to March next year, the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and
Management Council (PDRRMC) during full its council meeting last Tuesday held at the Ceremonial Hall, 4 th  Floor,
New Capitol Building, Cogon this city has recommended to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan to declare Bohol under
the state of calamity.

Gov. Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado, PDRRMC Chair said that based on the report from PAG-ASA that an 80%
probability having El Nino within the next two months, although there haven’t damages yet being reported to
agriculture, the declaration is necessary so Local Government Units (LGUs) could use their calamity funds to draw
mitigating measures to lessen the impact of dry conditions.

At that meeting, the council through Gov. Aumentado received three resolutions from the Malinao Dam
Federation of Irrigators Association (MADFIA), Bayongan and Capayas Farmers/Irrigators Association (BAY-
CAPA). Inc. and Talibon Small Reservoir Irrigators System (SRIS) Irrigators Association, Inc. with the same tenor
which is to request the governor of Bohol to allocate funds for cloud seeding for the wet cropping season.

Gov. Aumentado emphasized that we do not wait that the situation would worsen before we will take action.
Provincial Agriculturist Liza M. Quirog said that the provincial government has already made preparations to
mitigate the impact of El Nino in the province to wit: the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) and the
Department of Agriculture (DA) prepositioning and distributing rice, corn and vegetable seeds to the farmers; early
release of water from irrigation dams to beat the lowering amount of moisture which will be felt towards the
3 rd  quarter of the year particularly in the month of July and onwards; Governor Aumentado already wrote the letters
sent to the following: DA Undersecretary to amend the Rice Program Guidelines to reach farmers with less than 1,
000 sq. m. and those encoded late by the LGUs and DA, Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) to
grant funds to LGUs to establish LGU operated hatcheries and distribute bangus fingerlings;

More letters were sent to: DA Regional Director requesting the amount of P259, 000, 000 fund or materials
assistance for various agricultural interventions i. e. crops, agricultural engineering and livestock to the farmers in
Bohol, BFAR Regional Director requesting P28, 000, 000 fund or materials assistance for various fishery production
interventions to the fisherfolk in Bohol, BSWM Director requesting for P7, 500 fund assistance for the cloud
seeding operations for three quarters in Bohol;

The governor will meet the manager of the National Food Authority (NFA) in Bohol to talk about their palay
procurement program for Boholano’s rice produce; and he will meet DA and NIA representatives to reconcile
records of rice seeds beneficiaries to include all other farmers presently excluded from their master list.

Quirog disclosed that the actual data on the damage caused by El Nino will be available on May 29, 2023, from
the municipal agricultural offices.

Elvira Alvarado bared that NIA will implement proper water management through continued implementation of
alternate distribution schedule to save on water and address water shortage; implement proper water management
through early planting; adoption of diversified dropping to areas most likely to experience water shortage; provide
advisory to farmers to plant short-term seeds during the SMCs meetings; coordination and monitoring with irrigators
associations through meetings on the status of water availability; installation of water installation pumps on areas
where water exists or drained water are collected; submission of cloud seeding request to the provincial government;
information dissemination to farmers and stakeholders during meetings and distribution of brochures to improve
awareness; and weekly dam water level monitoring and reporting starting May 29, 2023.

Alvararo said that their long-term measures are ongoing such as the construction of small water impounding
through water re-use on the existing drainage integrating solar pump; construction of canal lining and structure;
rehabilitation/reforestation at the watershed areas to improve streamflow or implementation of integrated water
resource management program.

Leonardo Samar from PAG-ASA said that their office has been continuously monitoring the developing El Nino
conditions in the tropical Pacific. Recent conditions and model forecasts indicate that El Nino may emerge in the
coming season (June-July-August) at 80% probability and may persist until the first quarter of 2024.

Samar added that El Nino increases the likelihood of below-normal rainfall conditions, which could bring
negative impacts (such as dry spells and droughts) in some areas of the country. However, over the western part of
the country, above-normal rainfall conditions during the Southwest monsoon season (habagat) may also be
expected. By Atoy Cosap

MOA signed for the establishment of PAFES

The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in establishing a Province – led Agriculture and Fisheries Extension
System (PAFES) between the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh), the Department of Agriculture (DA) and
Agri – Stakeholders in the province seeks to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services to be given to agri-
fishery sector had finally signed just recently.

Governor Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado for and on behalf of the PGBh, Dir. Angel C. Enriquez stands for the
DA, and the representatives from Bohol Island State University, Regional Agriculture and Fishery Extension
Wetwork, League of Municipalities of the Philippines – Bohol Chapter, Municipal Agricultural Officer, City
Agriculturist and      Municipal Agriculturist Association – Bohol,  Provincial Agriculture and Fisheries Council,
Provincial Rural Improvement Club, Bohol Provincial 4-H Federation, Federation of Irrigators  Associations in
Bohol, Kapunungan sa Bol-anong Organikong Mag-uuma, Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management Council,
and Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry- Bohol signed the MOA during the PAFES Program Reorientation
and MOA signing last May 12, 2023, held at the Ceremonial Hall, 4 th  Floor, New Capitol Building, this city.

Gov. Aumentado in his message said that he was elated in this development which is in harmony with the
Strategic Change and Development Agenda in the provincial government under his administration.
Aumentado viewed that since this program is in collaboration with the different agri-related government
agencies which have their own roles and responsibilities in the implementation of the programs, he is optimistic that
the programs would reach the door step of the end users.

On her part, Director Enriquez said that through PAFES we can achieve greater accomplishments through
simplifying things wherein the main objective of the signing is already to signal the start of a very strong extension
function through collaboration between and among the Local Government Unit (LGU) particularly the Municipal
Agriculture/Municipal Agriculturist Office, provincial and national governments in the implementation of the
programs in agriculture.

Elvin J. Milleza, Chief-PMED, DA7in his presentation disclosed that the program has allocated the province of
Bohol the amount of P335,893, 770 of which from that budget the rice program has gotten the big appropriation to
the tune of P269, 770, 770 and followed by livestock program (P34, 528, 000), corn program (P20, 833, 00),
HVCDP (P10, 262,000) and organic agriculture program (P500, 000).

Provincial Agriculturist Liza M. Quirog said that PAFES is a true blessing for Bohol in spite of the challenges of
El Nino on the province’s horizon.

Quirog thanked the DA through its OneDA Reform Agenda that is establishing the PAFES as a key strategy
primarily beginning in 2023 and beyond.

She said that in the next three years, Bohol and DA shall further strengthen their linkage in research and
extension using science-based technologies for Bohol’s SMART Agriculture Strategic Agenda together with our
partners – the farm producers, farmers, fisherfolks, their families and enterprises in the rural communities and fueled
by the Mandanas Law.

Quirog bared that the province through OPA is ready to hit the ground running to manifest the ultimate
commitment to make all our lives become better now and in the future. By Atoy Cosap

OPA Annual Investment Plan focuses on El Niño mitigation

The Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) in the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) is defining their
programs and projects that focus on the mitigating measures to lessen  the impact of the El Nino Phenomenon to an
agri-fishery sector that is forecasted to hit the country starting on the third quarter of this year up to the first quarter
next of year.

Leonard Samar from Philippine Atmospheric Geo-Physical Astronomical Services Administration (PAG-ASA)
RADAR Station in Albuquerque, Bohol forecasted that El Nino will take effect from July up to March 2024.
Provincial Agriculturist Liza M. Quirog during the OPA Annual Investment Plan (AIP) 2024  last May 8, 2023,
at Level 007 Hotel, J.A. Clarin, Dampas, Tagbilaran City viewed that if the dry condition would last for nine months
this would be the longest El Nino ever as she recalled that on 1983 the drought lasted for about five months.
Quirog said the presence of this phenomenon would draw so many challenges, thus the OPA would make a plan
that corresponds to the needs of the people aligned with the priorities of the administration of Gov. Erico Aristotle C.

The provincial agriculturist said that in this abnormal time, the OPA must so prepare considering that the future
of foods in the province would lay down on the shoulder of the OPA and as such the interventions must address the
agri-fishery needs of the Boholanos.

Quirog is optimistic that with the supportive Provincial Budget Officer Peter Ross Retutal who guides on how
the projects and programs are being budgeted and implemented, the OPA could fast track in achieving its mandate.
In that AIP, Retutal presented the budgetary inputs to remind the OPA regarding the planning and budgeting
cycle of which the office-level strategic planning should align with the development agenda of the PGBh.

He reminded the agriculture office of the province that during the preparation of the AIP/budget the first thing to
do is to prioritize and rank the projects. And for the recurring projects, consider the level of appropriations provided
during the current year and evaluate whether the funding requirement is still applicable based on the level of utilized
or unutilized funds.

Retutal added that the proposed budgets must already be supported with Project Procurement Management Plan

Robert L. Varquez for and in behalf of Provincial Planning and Development Officer Atty. John Titus J. Vistal
presented the updated Provincial Development Framework.
Varquez talked about the Strategic Governance Roadmap and Strategic Change Agenda which include
Environmental Sustainability, Climate Smart-Agriculture, Sustainable Tourism, MSMEs Entrepreneurship, Human
Capital/ Workforce, Governance, Infrastructure and Utilities, Health and Social Services, ICT.

Executive Assistant for Agriculture Nunila M. Pinat delved into the Pillars of Good Governance of the provincial
government which are the following: participatory, transparency, responsibility and accountability that need to be
harmonized and cascaded to the local government units. By Atoy Cosap

Bohol hosts first #OKsaOA info caravan

The province of Bohol hosted the first ever #OKsaOA (OK sa Organic Agriculture) Information Caravan which was conducted last April 13, 2023, at the Ceremonial Hall, 4th Floor, Bohol Provincial Capitol, Cogon, Tagbilaran City.

Governor Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado in his prepared message being read by Governor’s Office Chief of Staff Atty. Filipina Piollo said that the current administration of the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) under its Strategic Change and Development Agenda, calls for the increase of agricultural production while ensuring the protection of our environment.

Gov. Aumentado added that as we move forward toward progress and prosperity, we need to strike a balance between continued development and sustainability of natural resources. This is why the provincial government is looking at organic agriculture as one of the ways in which we can improve the lives of our farmers while making sure that the environment is still being protected, the governor explained.

He said that with the #OKsaOA Information Caravan as a consultative meeting and a platform in which technical discussion on organic agriculture will be tackled among the different stakeholders, he believes that this would be a chance for everyone to look at the opportunities regarding this sector and also determine and develop appropriate interventions and solutions to the challenges that are currently faced by the OA stakeholders.

The governor said that we want a Green Bohol, and for us to achieve this, we need initiatives like the National Organic Agriculture Program (NOAP) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) for us to move forward in the most environmentally-friendly way possible while elevating the way of life across different communities.

Aumentado assured that the provincial government will always support this endeavor.

Meanwhile, Vice-Governor Dionisio Victor A. Balite in his prepared message being read also by his Chief of Staff Atty. Glenn Rey Anino underscored the role of agriculture as vital and crucial in a country’s economic development. It is considered as the backbone of the state’s economic system. In addition to provide food and raw materials, agriculture also provides employment opportunities to a very large percentage of the population.

Vice-Gov. Balite said the law advocates policy dissemination and information campaign. Further, it shall be responsible for the promotion of awareness on organic agriculture technologies and products through information caravan, social media, quad media (print, broadcast, internet and outdoor) among others, he said.

The vice-governor stressed that as we move forward to celebrate another milestone for our organic agriculture industry, he being the Chairman of the Committee of Agriculture in the province has the highest hope that through this information caravan, through the researchers’ findings and innovations, we could create, discover, and adopt more practices for the benefit of the Boholanos and the environment.

He congratulated the contributions of organic practitioners and innovators in the organic agriculture industry as he also thanked all the participants in the activity especially the organizers, the NOAP- National Program Coordinating Office’s dedicated response to the growing clamor for the promotion of an alternative agricultural system that is environment friendly and supportive of citizen’s health.

On the other hand, NOAP Director Bernadette F. San Juan when she gave the overview of NOAP and discussed the highlights of the Joint Memorandum Circular (JMC) between DILG and DA urged the Local Government Units (LGUs) to allocate big funds for agriculture as she said “put the money where the mouth is”.

Dir. San Juan emphasized that farming must continue and we will not wait that shortages of food may come.

Meanwhile, Dr. Gracia F. Arado, Center Director, Agricultural Training Institute-Regional Training Center (ATI-RTC) 7 bared that as early as 2007, they already started advocating and promoting OA in the region and in the province of Bohol.

Dr. Arado said that aside from the Agriculture Extension Workers (AEWs) as the entry points during those times, they strategized to include high school TLE teachers teaching in agriculture or agricators and they had the Adopt a School Program – garden in school adopting the OA production technologies.

Arado said that this program is aimed at expanding the areas for OA production and as well as including the minds of the youth to embrace agriculture because our farmers are already aging. Besides this, the youth should end up agripreneurs or have knowledge that there is money in agriculture.

The ATI-RTC Director said that ATI is the capacity builder, knowledge bank and catalyst we continuously promote and advocate OA.

Nunila Pinat, Executive Assistant ll to the Governor for Agriculture in her welcome message thanked those who have been promoting OA as she is OA practitioner. Pinat who became an OIC Provincial Agriculturist during the time of Erstwhile Gov. Erico B. Aumentado and became mayor of San Miguel, Bohol cited the importance of organic farming for a healthy lifestyle and sustainable farming.

While former DA Director Engr. Ricardo Oblena who is also the chairman of the Task Force Committee on ISDA Program of the provincial government said that he wanted that Bohol can produce organic Tilapia and Bangus.

Provincial OA Focal Person Maricel C. Barloso before she formally closed the program thanked the provincial government for allocating funds for OA this year in the amount of P7,000,500. However, she disclosed that the operation of OA to the different municipalities in Bohol is now slowly moving.

This came when there have been no OA focal persons anymore working in the Municipal Local Government Units (MLGUs) after the incentive in the amount of P3,500 for each one of them per month was stopped this year. She recalled that in 2020 there were 18 focal persons, in 2021 had 21 and last year had 9.

Barloso disclosed that the OA program in Bohol has targeted 5% or 9, 243 hectares (has.) for organic conversion areas from the 184,874 has. total agricultural areas in the province.

She said that as of now, of the 9, 243 has. target only 1, 807 has. or 19% have been identified as organic areas.

In the organic program, Bohol has 1, 496 OA farmers, 24 OA associations identified, 2 Organic Trading Posts, and 46 learning farm sites accredited by ATI. (By Atoy Cosap).

DA 7 holds Young Farmer Challenge Program in Bohol

The Department of Agriculture – Regional Field Office 7 (DA-RFO 7) through the Agribusiness and Marketing
Assistance Division (AMAD) will hold an orientation for Young Farmer Challenge Program and Business Model
Canvas mentoring on April 25, 2023, 9:00 A.M. at Agricultural Promotion Center (APC) Convention Hall,
Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

In her letter dated April 18, 2023, Director Angel C. Enriquez, CESO lll, Regional Executive Director -DA-RFO
7 informed Gov. Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado regarding the program.

Dir. Enriquez said this year’s competition, six young farmers from the province of Bohol have the opportunity to
win the most outstanding business model canvas and will receive a P80,000 financial grant.

Enriquez added, that the competition is open for youths aged 18 – 30 years old either individually or as a group.
In her letter, Enriquez invited the provincial agriculturist, provincial veterinarian, and interested youths
especially the out-of-school youths to participate in the said activity.

April Regine I. Dano, 4 H – Club Coordinator, Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) bared that she
already informed the youth organizations in the province about who among them is interested to undergo the said

Dano said that she will closely coordinate with Ligaya A. Ebarita, YFC Regional

Bohol remains rice sufficient

The province of Bohol remains to be rice sufficient and continued to hold its title as “Rice Basket “ in Central Visayas.

This came as the rice harvest season in Bohol is mid-way and the Boholano farmers have registered high yield performance both in hybrid and inbred rice being planted in rain-fed and irrigated areas in the province.


Provincial Seeds Coordinator Lorebien N. Lagapa bared that the Provincial Government of Bohol (PGBh) through the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist (OPA) in partnership with the Irrigators Association, Municipal Local Government Units, and Seeds Companies had already conducted four hybrid rice festivals this dry cropping season in preparation to the Grand Hybrid Rice Festival in the town of Pilar this month.

Lagapa who is also the Rice Section Head, Crops and Productivity Division, OPA said that the four festivals were conducted in Lomangog, Ubay on March 17, 2023; Hambabauran, Ubay (March 21, 2023); Tugas, Candijay (March 24, 2023); and in Gabi, Ubay last March 28, 2023.

The Provincial Seeds Coordinator reported that the results of the crop cut from hybrid rice during the festivals have shown high yield performance that would reach 7.0 metric tons per hectare (ha.).

She disclosed that the activities to be undertaken in the conduct of a festival are the following: rice field walk, Holy Mass, short program, crop cut and then harvesting.

At Gabi Ubay Festival, Executive Assistance for Poverty Reduction Gil Bongato and Jun Flores who represented Gov. Erico Aristotle C. Aumentado shared the mandate of the province through OPA which are the following: ensure food sufficiency and security in Bohol; increase productivity and income among Boholano farmers.

They thanked the Irrigators Associations (IAs), seeds companies and the concerned MLGUs who have been helping the agricultural endeavor of the PGBh.

On the other hand, Ubay Municipal Agriculturist Marianito Doydora, and Barangay Captain Rogelio Cagulangan of Gabi, Ubay also expressed thanks and gratitude to the PGBh for the support they have been given to the Boholano farmers such as farm technology and machinery.

The festival in Gabi, Ubay was the most participated activity wherein about 140 farmers from Gabi, Bulilis and Hambabauran (GBH) Irrigators Association in town.

The Grand Hybrid Rice Harvest Festival this month is to be conducted in 100 has. compact rice areas in Pilar tilled by some members of Irrigators Associations. This is different from the harvest festival wherein it only focuses on 1 ha. Technology Demonstration Farm.

Bohol has 57, 783 has. of physical rice areas, of these 3,528 has. were planted by hybrid rice during dry season wherein the towns of Ubay, Pilar and San Miguel represented the big areas.